I'm Jackie, creator of HOH. I started this blog when I first got married, & was pregnant with my first child. Three years later, & three under 3 kids later, I use HOH social platform to connect and share. I grew up in a jewish home, with 8 brothers & sisters. That being said, I have a lot under my belt when it comes to cooking, and homemaking, because if there's one thing I can tell you about coming from a jewish home, its that we know how to EAT! & HOST! I remember my family having their kitchen always being cooked in, the table always having guests around, a home that was filled with warmth, love & laughter. That is what I think of when I think of HOME. It made me who I am today, as a wife, mother and a homemaker. My husband actually came up with the blog name, because he said when I came into his life, I made his house (AKA MAJOR BACHELOR PAD) feel like a home. it was the most fulfilling feeling to know that I was able to do that. since then, I've created my own HOME, my version of it. the one I created with my husband and children. I am constantly sharing the traditional jewish recipes I've grown up on, and the new ones I've modified and tweaked. I share the love for homemaking and hosting, tablescapes and decorating, DIY crafts, gift giving & everything that makes me, well, ME. Whoever personally knows me, knows how much time and effort I spend with my husband and kids, always doing a hundred projects at once, my mind like an Internet window with 100 tabs open! I hope to reach many homemakers, cooks and crafters, mothers & daughters to share and exchange our methods and ways that make life just a little more beautiful, & a lot more like HOME


welcome to HOME OVER HOUSE,

 I hope to make you feel at HOME.