DIY Purim Gift Boxes

Growing up in such a jewish home, these holidays are what I look most forward to. Especially when it has anything to do with letting myself make a mess with some crafty project that I can actually share with my loved ones. I was always one for making gifts rather than buying, only because, well anyone can go to a store and buy something. Making something for someone akes the gift so much more sentimental, no matter what type of gift it is. Since Purim is such a happy holiday that we celebrate, filled with yummy cookies and dressing up in costumes, my ultimate favorite is giving out gift boxes.

This year, it being my first Purim being celebrated as a married couple, I ordered some cute paper goods that would add a personal touch. I ordered a case of Mini Red Wine bottles, bought a few boxes of Hamentashen cookies, and ordered some Mardi Gras themed cookies from an etsy shop. Not only did these boxes come out to be adorable, but also so much more affordable then regular boxes you would buy online! There is of course so many more things you could add in this box, but I wanted to keep it very simple and sweet.

Below is the list of places I had my items purchased to make this box.

The photos are pretty self explanitory!

Mardi Gras Cookies By

Mini Wine Bottles By

Customized Labels By

Clear Boxes and Tissue Paper from Michaels Arts & Crafts Store

Hamentashens from Local Kosher Market