Is Spray-On Nail Polish worth all the hype?

It only took me so long to face the fact that painting one’s own nails is a certifiable art. Whenever I painted my own nails, the only thing I am thinking is "Right hand, what have you done to left hand? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!"Which is why my world just got a whole lot better…Nails INC.

Nails Inc. just released a spray polish — called Paint Can — claiming that it gives you a flawless manicure in seconds.

How it works: Spray your nails for 20 seconds, let them dry, and then wash your hands with water and soap.

After getting the Spray-on nail polish I definitely think it is a game changer for a person like me. Someone who can't keep a manicure on for more than two days before my cooking or cleaning gets in the way. I love how the paint dries much faster than traditional nail polish, which is a huge perk. I loved the spray on nail polish since it was also surprisingly difficult to smudge since the formula had a more liquid-like consistency than normal. My manicure only took about 15 minutes from start to finish, and the application is fairly easy ... and undeniably fun. All in all, I can't wait to get my hands on another paint can this spring when it officially launches. Perhaps this really is the future of nails!