Houston, We have a solution! Houston's Copycat baked Garlic Lemon Artichoke Recipe Here!

its that time of year again! artichokes are by far one of my favorite go-to dinner appetizers... if you have ever been to Houston's, you are well aware of their famous garlic roasted artichokes! with all of these pregnancy cravings, and with Houstons being too far, I decided to make a replica that tastes just the same! Look before for the simple and healthy recipe!

you need //

3 artichokes

two lemons

2 tbsp black pepper

1 tbsp salt

2 tbsp of mayo

1/4 cup of olive oil - plus more for greasing pan

4 tbsp chopped garlic

breadcrumbs for topping

to do //

cut the artichokes in half and trim some of the pointed edges //

boil large pot of water and put artichokes in for about 15 minutes and let it soften //

meanwhile, in a bowl mix together all ingredients together and adjust the spices to your liking //

take the artichokes out of the water and place it on a greased pan //

drizzle the sauce on to each halve of the artichoke //

drizzle breadcrumbs and stick in oven on 400 bake //

take out once breadcrumbs brown //

last but not least, enjoy every delicious bite 🍴