israeli breakfast of champions - shakshuka!

If you aren’t familiar with shakshuka, I’m pleased to introduce this dish to you! It’s an excellent dish for a crowd because, depending on the size of your skillet and number of eggs in your fridge, it can be made as large as you’d like. This isn’t just a crowd-pleaser. It also happens to be really, really easy. Yes, I am aware that there are a billion and one shakshuka recipes, but after many trial and errors, THIS is the only recipe you need. WARNING - This version is very spicy, so be sure to adjust the spicy level by just lessening the amount of peppers added.

you'll need //

3 tbsp of Olive Oil OR Vegetable Oil //

3 jalapenos thinly sliced //

1/4 diced red onion //

2 cloves of garlic chopped //

4 tomatoes, chopped and drained of water //

3 tbsp of tomato paste //

handful of parsley //

red chili peppers whole //

6-10 eggs (depending on the serving per person) //

1 tbsp salt

1 tbsp black pepper

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tbsp brown sugar

how to //

In a large skillet, heat up your oil on medium. once heated, add your jalapenos, onion and garlic //

once a bit browned, add your tomatoes and tomato paste. stir together well and let it sit over the stove. (the longer you leave it on the stove, the better the flavoring. if you have the time, leave it on the stove for about 30 minutes on medium) //

After stirring every few minutes, add in the parsley, chili peppers, and all of the seasonings //

at this point, you have everything in besides the egg... again, let it sit on the stove on medium for as much time as you have. If you only have 10 minutes, thats fine too. Just remember, the longer you leave it on, the more flavorable it becomes.. //

I let mine sit for about an hour on low, and then i cracked 10 eggs directly in the skillet above the tomato sauce, garnished it with some extra parsley and seasonings, and covered my skillet for 10 minutes //

Keep checking your skillet and wait until your eggs look poached. If you like your eggs runny, you can just remove from stove and serve from the skillet right then and there. If you like your eggs to be hard, just let it sit on stove until it is to your liking //

you can adjust the seasonings to however you like, and when all the eggs are done (which, believe me, they will be in an instant) you can use the leftover tomato mixture as a dipping sauce! You can leave it in your fridge and enjoy it with a piece of toast or just by the spoonful like my husband tends to do!

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