nesting phase part one // the changing table

if you are reading this, chances are you are pregnant seeking some organiztion tips like i did the first few months of pregnancy.. (thank g-d for pinterest.) while i did my first half of pregnancy constantly doing my homework on how to create the most functional nursery possible, i spent the other half ordering things on amazon in prepartion for the nesting stage (its the only time your husband won't get upset at you so enjoy it, because "duh, honey! the ten packages by the front door are all for the baby!") So, while I rounded up all the great goodies I got, carefully selected after reading tons of reviews from mommys, I was excited to start "Nesting". it is now the end of my pregnancy, and I have probably folded and refolded those cloth towels in the last week more times than ive ever folded my own clothing my entire life... because hello! a baby is coming and he needs perfectly folded cloth towels I am just going to throw out after a week! yes along with the nesting syndrome, comes a heavy dose of OCD. After rearranging the nursery possibly every other night and then some, Ive finally got the perfect organiztion system down. Not only a space saving and functional system, yet a very cute looking one too! (this part of the nursery will be stinky and occasionally dirty, but not in this house shall it look ugly!)below you will see some pictures of the well displayed (and functional) changing table with all the where-to-buy's as well..

As you can see, I don't like clutter; I like this space to be kept down to the neccessities and basics... a baby doesn't need much, as much as stores try to sell you on it. So keeping it to a minimum is great especially when you have limited space to use.

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of this part of the nursery and I hope I help some of you with the best organization method when it comes to the changing table station. For any advice or tips you recommend, please email! I would love to hear from you.


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