Apple cinnamon raisin challah bread! Your sweet tooth will thank you

Oh me and my never satisfied sweet tooth (or should I say teeth) had a delicious time making this challah bread that, yes, can be considered a dessert which would pair perfectly with some vanilla ice cream... I make challah every Friday so my family can enjoy it for Shabbat dinner, surprising them with the flavor of the week. With it being Rosh Hashana this week, which is considered to be a "sweets only" holiday, I loved adding it in my challah. I have my classic challah bread recipe that I stick by no matter what. Not only is it easy and you will eventually not even need a measuring cup, but it has that texture and flavor of the bakery baked breads. Oh and I can't even begin to explain the aroma it will leave your kitchen with.

So what you do is start by making the challah with my classic challah recipe. It should take you no longer to actually have the dough ready to go

I then take half a cup of honey, 2 tablespoons of cinnamon, and a handful of raisins. After I make sure to mix the dough thouroughly, I chop up a whole green apple into small pieces and add that into the dough.

Now for my favorite part (which is unfortunately not pictured, I coat the cake pan in butter (I did margarine so it was dairy free) and spread around brown sugar. I then braid the challah and place it in the pan and stick it in the oven on 375 Bake.