Apple crisp in a jar!

it's my first year being married and the holidays is a perfect time to kick my DIY Pinterest ideas in full gear. I made these delicious and adorable jars as a gift for all of the kids in the family and they absolutely loved them! It was so easy to make and bake!

So first off, I started by making the actual jar. I ordered the large mason jars, mod podge, card stock, and white ribbon all from Amazon Prime and it arrived the following day (if you're not a member, I highly suggest it if you never want to leave your house again like me!)

I simply went to FontSpace.Com, picked out this lovely calligraphy text, downloaded it, and typed up some cute logos on Pages. I then cut out in circles and glued it on top of the jar caps with the mod lodge. I then did the same for the little gift tags, and added a cute personalized note for my guests!

Now that the crafty part is done with, all that's left to do is fill the jars with my apple crisp recipe.

Here's what you will need :

4 cups of all purpose flour (you can do whole wheat as well)

4 cups of plain bread crumbs

4 tbsp of butter or margarine to make it dairy free

6-12 green apples (depending on how much you want to fill)

2 tsp cinnamon

1 cup of sugar

2 tbsp of lemon juice

First, I peel, core and cut my apples. I place them all in a big pot with my cinnamon, lemon juice, and sugar on a medium flame, letting it all simmer together for about half an hour, occasionally mixing it around.

While the apples soften, melt the butter and in a big bowl, mix your bread crumbs, flour and melted butter all together. Now, you take the mixture and place it in 375 bake in your oven until it is golden brown.

Once you take your bread crumbs out of the oven, you let it cool it cool down, and remove the apples from the stovetop to let it cool off as well. Have all your jars lined up and ready to be fllled! You can layer it either way you want, or even mix the crumbs and apple mixture together. It is all about personal preference, either way it will come out super cute and delicious! You and your guests will enjoy and appreciate this simple DIY gift you can even make with your kiddies!