Pantry Organization Tips and DIY's

Hi everyone! I just did a small project that has made me beyond happy! I organized my pantry. Yes, I have an organized pantry. I even surprise myself with how organized I’m becoming because historically I have NOT been organized at all. But since doing little projects here and there to get organized I’ve discovered how happy it makes me and how incredibly nice it makes my life. Look at how this turned out.

Yay for organization!

So this was actually a really easy project and I’ve broken down the process in 10 simple steps.

Here’s how you organize you pantry //

Make a list of everything that is in your pantry

Decide how to group things

Decide what kinds of containers would be best for each group or item.

Get a few different kinds of containers. I used baskets, sealing plastic containers, glass jars, metal wire baskets, and lazy Susans

Purchase those containers

Purchase cute chalkboard sticker labels and a chalk pen

Clean out the pantry (this is the hardest part) by removing everything and wiping down shelves, throwing away old gross stuff and getting rid of food you aren’t going to eat.

Put all the remaining food in your new containers that you’ve pre-washed

Put the new labels on the containers and label them accordingly (I do this after because sometimes you have to try a couple different containers to get it right.)Put them back on the shelves in an order than makes sense and makes it easy to access, rearranging a few times if you need in order to find the best spots for everything

Enjoy your clean and organized pantry!

I can’t even tell you how a simple thing like this has made my life so much happier. I discovered all this food I’d forgotten I had and now that it’s clearly visible and labeled, I know exactly what I have on hand and what I need more of. I also am excited to cook with the food I forgot about.