this Father's Day was my husbands first and I think I enjoyed it more than him! Celebrating and spoiling loved ones always gives me such a joyous feeling, especially when it comes to my husband who I wish I could spoil every day as much as I did this first Father's Day! I came up with the top 12 men's gift that is suitable for any type of holiday or event for your man, and suits any "type" of man too. Whether he is the sporty guy, the fashionable guy, or the traveler, there is a gift for all your men! Below you will find the links to all of the gifts we picked out for you! xoxo!

1// THE FOODIE // Sugarfina X Casamigos Collaboration features tequila coated candy!

2// THE MATCHING FATHER & SON // Tom&Teddy has awesome prints and options for your man and little one too!

3// THE FASHIONABLE ONE // You cannot, I repeat, cannot go wrong with the classic Raybans. Not only does it look good on ANYBODY, but you can also share!

4// The TRAVELER // This Etsy shop has adorable customizations for such a great price, and this bag is hands down a staple if your busy man is always on the go!

5// THE TIDY ONE // Mark & Grahams personalized catchall is great for your men who like to have everything in its place... This wouldn't work for my husband though since I think he genuinley enjoys having a scavenger hunt every morning in order to find his keys and wallet.

6// THE MUSIC MAN // Sony Bluetooth headphones are the best in the market. Believe me, I have gone through every set of bluetooth headphones and nothing can keep up with the quiality of Sony!

7// THE LOVER // DateBox is something you have seen in the past featured on my blog since we became subscribers. Every month you receive a "date in a box". Check out their site for more info.

8// THE SENTIMENTAL ONE // Nothing shows more love than a simple frame with a captured moment to always have! My husband never gets sick of this classic gift I tend to always give him for every single event.

9// THE COFFEE LOVER // Mark & Grahams Coffee Gift set is perfect for the early bird type of guy. It has a cute mug with little pretty chachkas to add to your kitchen!

10// THE TECH GUY // Apple watch is the new fad, and I dont see it getting old either! It is so convenient to have and my husband thanks me every single time he uses it!

11// THE CIGAR CONISSUER // I feel like this honestly can be a great gift for most men, especially like mine who loves to relax on the backyard porch with a glass of whiskey.

12// THE FITNESS FREAK // These Adidas Tubular sneakers was another gift I got for my husband since I love getting matching things for my son and husband...The matching tees are getting a bit old for me I guess. I also got myself a pair too if you all want to match!

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