Ever since having little kids, going out just seemed so EXHAUSTING! Saturday nights have become very different, usually ending up with me being in bed by 11 since I know I'm the one waking up at 6:30AM the following day! Many of our friends felt the same way, planning our Saturday nights with a tint of dread. So, I decided to have a Saturday night IN. No uncomfortable heels, no need to be ni a cramped bar that was way too loud (wow kids make you feel so much older than you actually are!) just an intimate gathering, good friends, good drinks all in the comfort of my own home. I gathered 5 couples & I hosted a "make your own sushi' night, with each of us having our own sushi station. The Sakè may have gotten to us, since none of our sushi rolls were exactly '5 star' but I genuinely enjoyed it more than a typical Saturday night outing!

you can see the photos below, with my Amazon Shop Link to buy all things needed to make your own sushi date night! Wether it is a group of 10, or an intimate date night, I highly recommend doing this even if its once in a few months! Just writing this is giving me the itch to host another one!

You can buy all the products I used on my amazon page under “make your own sushi night” for easy shopping! (The fish was sourced from a Local Fish market. When purchasing raw fish, please make sure it is Sashimi grade for the best quality fish!