Pirate & Mermaid Under The Sea Shellabration

This Under the Sea Shellabration has been in the works for almost two months! The fact that I pulled it off while eight months pregnant really shows what us moms are willing to do for our kids. From the Sea Coral created with expandable plumbers foam, to the goldfish favors (I should have sent a warning to the parents beforehand they are taking home aquariums), every detail was nailed and well planned. Ive learned over time when it comes to creating the ultimate party or get together, it is ALL ABOUT planning ahead of time. That way, you can relax the day of and enjoy it with your kids, since that is what this is all about anyways!

Right by the entrance, I added a sheet of plywood which I wallpapered, used little hooks that drilled in so easily, and hung up customized take home bags the kids got to fill themselves before leaving.


My daughter is a huge fan of slime, so I created a bar cart filled with slime scents, dyes, and extra tools the kids can use. I used my Cricut to personalize all of the kids aprons to keep from getting messy.

I placed individual bowls, gloves, and a personalized slime recipe card I printed out. Each child had their own glue bottle, take-home container, and got to pick out their own charms and fillings.

Cyrus & Celines Aquarium

The next craft station I created was a "make your own fish bowl" bar. I got individual plastic fish bowls, let kids pick out their own stickers and fish bowl fillers.

But what's a fish bowl without some fish!? After the kids were done decorating their bowls, they got to pick out a goldfish from a large fish tank, fill out their 'Certificate of adoption" paper and a little bag of a weeks supply of fish food.


next up is the dress up station for the pirates. I filled treasure boxes full of treasure maps, hooks, swords, pirate patches, tattoos and compasses for the kids to get lost in imagination. I had a clothing rack of mermaid dresses for the girls and pirate vests for the boys.


Just as the pirates parlor, we had fun accessories for the mermaids too to add to their costumes. Customized sunglasses with their names, a beauty kit filled with jewelry and accessories, and cute temporary tattoos. We loved when Ariel The Mermaid came by for a visit with Captain Hook, she made sure to do beautiful face paintings for all the girls and boys.

Next up is the dessert section. I refused these acrylic stands so many times and I love how it can go along with any theme. I placed tulle along the floor to give it some ocean waves, covered in fishnets and shells for the final look, with the coral I made in the backdrop. Macaron seashells and whales, cakesicles, fish bait with goldfish and gummy sharks, and of course my cake to center it. (when taking this photo I only placed the bottom two layers of my cake! it was too heavy for me to carry all five layers!)

The most trendy thing for birthdays Is the boho floored seating, so I had to create it! I went to Ikea to get tabletops, added a crate underneath and viola!

I covered the ceilings with streamers to make it look like ocean waves (we were literally UNDER THE SEA), and hung up jellyfish lanterns for the final touch. I Even went a bit too fishnet crazy and covered my lighting fixtures and bar with it too!

I loved this inflatable ball pit I bought, which I painted a mini slide to add into it. The kids enjoyed swimming and took home adorable mermaid and pirate hoodie towels I displayed near the pool in crates.

Don't worry, nobody left hungry either! I made these cardstock individual lunch trays for the kids. They filled up on "PB & JELLYFISH SANDWICHES", "SEASHELL PASTA", & "FISH & CHIPS". For dessert, they had tons to choose from from the candy cart.

Adults grubbed at the pirates pub, & sipped on fresh coconuts while the kids enjoyed.